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Date: 07/29/2024 @ 8:45-4pm (EST) Cost: NA 

Instructor: Amy Armstrong 

CE Credit Hours: 6 CEs

Program Description:  

This interactive program offers mental health professionals a focused and practical approach to navigate the complexities of working with families in high-conflict situations. Covering key topics such as complex family dynamics, court-ordered interventions, professional teamwork, parenting plans, and keys to effective conflict resolution, this training equips professionals to navigate the intricate web of family issues involved in family court. As mental health professionals play a pivotal role in supporting families through difficult times, this training serves as a valuable resource to enhance their effectiveness and contribute positively to the mental well-being of individuals as well as the family system as a whole in the context of court-involvement. 


  • Increase understanding of the role mental health professionals play in working with families in high-conflict situations.


  1. List 3 factors mental health professionals should consider to formulate and maintain multiple hypotheses of complex family dynamics
  2. Identify 3-5 key components of a trauma-informed orientation that helps promote client engagement
  3. Describe 3 roles mental health professionals undertake to support families curing a high-conflict court case.
  4. Describe ideal teamwork on interdisciplinary professional teams to minimize confusion
  5. Identify 3 key factors for setting effective boundaries to personally and professionally navigating the challenges presented by high-conflict family dynamics.

Workshop Outline: 

Introduction (8:45-9:15)

Complex Family Dynamics (9:15-10:30)

  • Family systems – web of influence
  • Multiple hypotheses
  • Professional and ethical neutrality
  • Trauma orientation
  • IPV / Abuse allegations
  • Impact of high conflict
  • Dynamics when children resist or refuse contact with a parent

Break (10:30-10:45)

Interdisciplinary Teams (10:45-12:00)

  • Attorneys
  • Judicial officers
  • Court-appointed parenting coordinator
  • Court-appointed guardian ad litem
  • Mental health professionals
  • Educational and medical professionals
  • Case Management
  • Communication

Break (12-12:45)

Parenting Plans (12:45-2:15)

  • Shared parenting
  • Sole custody
  • Parenting time schedules
  • Flexibility
  • Parallel parenting

Break (2:15-2:30)

Conflict Management and Resolution (2:30-3:45)

  • Self-care for compassion fatigue and stress reactions
  • Innovative interventions including coaching
  • Boundaries
  • Communication

Conclusion, Competency Based Learning Quiz, and Evaluation(3:45-4:00)

Level: Introductory 

 Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. has been approved as a CE provider by the Ohio Psychological Association (#311358292), the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapist Board (RCS060502), and as a NBCC ACEPTM No. 7265. 

Skill Level: Beginner

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